Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Festival of the 40 watt light bulb

Last year my family and I went with some friends to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. The lights are beautiful and the kids had a great time. As we were looking at the zoo map we noticed that there was a nativity scene with live animals. It was worded is such a way that we expected the whole thing would be live. I was excited for the kids to see it. So as we approached the area that the map said that the Nativity should have been, we were unable to find it. We looked and looked and finally in this tucked away corner of the zoo we found it. We had passed it once and but finally guessed that it might have been the building that we had just passed. As we went inside there it was, the whole building inside and out was  ONE 40 watt bulb. The star that was on top of this barn was not lit, heck nothing was lit, you couldn't hardly see anything inside or outside the barn. The nativity scene was that of some cheesy statues and live animals that could barely be scene. The display showing reason for Christmas was done half-way with cheesy statues that were lit by a 40 watt bulb by a place that spends hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions getting ready for the festival of lights. Yes I understand its called the Festival of lights with no promise of there being a nativity scene, but the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of when God became flesh so salvation would be offered to mankind. A display of the Messiah, the King of Kings, the Savior of this world should not be done in such a way! One day Jesus will return and when he does the world will bow and call him holy and it will be lit by his own glory.

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