Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Four questions wives should ask their husbands

This week it's the ladies turn! Here is a great article from Perry Nobles' blog a week ago or so. Check it out! God bless!

A few weeks ago I did this post about Five Questions Husbands Should Ask Their Wives that got a lot of attention…and I received a lot of communication from women and men asking, “what should wives ask their husbands?” So…I thought I would give it a shot! (Tried to think of five…but the truth is men just don’t need as much conversation as women do!) :-)
#1 – Do You Feel Admired?
Ladies, your huband wants to know that YOU think he looks good–period! AND…you should NEVER allow someone at work to tell him “that looks good on you,” or, “you look good in that shirt.” He’s YOUR husband…and YOU should do all that you can to make sure you admire him!
Trust me…there isn’t a man on this planet that doesn’t want to hear “I think you are hot/sexy/all that and a bag of chips” from the lady he most admires and desires! And ladies…you cannot take for granted–HE WANTS and NEEDS to hear this from you!
Trust me…NO ONE’S opinion matters to me more than Lucretia’s…and if she says I look good–then DANG IT…I do! What is SO dangerous is that often times men will have someone in their lives that makes them feel admired–satan will make sure of that!!! BUT…if he is getting the attention/admiration from his wife then it makes it SO much easier to lead with confidence and resist temptation that comes his way.
SO…ask him…does he feel admired by you? It DOES matter to him!
#2 – Do You Feel Respected?
EVERY man wants respect! AND…every man wants to be respected by his wife. (Ladies–STOP IT…I know some of you are saying right now, “well, when he begins to be respectable then I will…”) That isn’t the point here…the question is from YOU to HIM…and it do you feel respected?
Let me give you a few insights…
His answer is going to be “no” if you are always telling your children what a loser their father is and that you wish he were a better dad to them.
His answer is going to be “no” if you are always telling your girlfriends (usually in the form of a prayer request) what a low life he is and how he drives you crazy.
His answer is going to be “no” if he has shared vulnerable thoughts and emotions with you…and you take that information and use it as a “conversation piece” with your lunch buddies!
His answer is going to be “no” if you have never taught your children to thank him for the way he provides and such.
His answer is going to be “no” if you are NEVER interested in what he is doing. (I am amazed at how many women don’t even know what their husband does at work…or what his favorite hobby is.)
One of his BIGGEST NEEDS is to feel respected…and the person he needs it from the most is his wife!
So…ask him.
#3 – Do You Feel Taken Care Of?
Every man, from time to time, wants to be able to come home and relax for a few minutes…to take off his shoes and just sit down. BUT…when a wife stands at the door and barks out orders before the garage door closes…a man feels pressured and pressed down…and honestly begins to think, “I should have stayed at work…at least there I get treated like I am somebody!”
This does not negate the fact he needs to show up and serve…but from time to time…give him a break when he hits the door and let him catch his breath. Trust me…this is HUGE!
#4 – Is Our Sex Life Fulfilling To You?
Anytime “men” are discussed in marriage you just KNOW that SEX is going to be a topic of discussion!
BTW…if you don’t want to ask this question…you probably already know the answer!
In every survey that I’ve ever read sex is ranked #1 by men in regards to what they need (I think breathing is #2!)
Men want to know that their wife wants them…sexually. Believe me…it DOES matter to him. And ladies…just the fact that you take the time to ask this question will mean more to him than you could ever imagine.
AND…the ONLY way this area of a marriage will get better is if couples are willing to talk about it. My gosh…YOU’RE MARRIED!
If their has been pain and disappointment in the past–that needs to be talked about. If their have been unmet expectations on your part…then that needs to be talked about. YES, I know it “takes two to tango…” BUT…
The purpose of this question is for you to ask does he feel taken care of in this area. I KNOW this can be SO uncomfortable for so many couples right now…but you can either deal with it now…OR you WILL deal with it later.
Uncomfortable conversations must take place at times in order for a marriage to achieve its maximum potential!
So…ladies…there you go.

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