Saturday, August 8, 2009

Three Questions every women asks

Hope you enjoy this post written by Perry Noble on his blog this morning, tomorrow will be the Lady's turn. 4 questions men ask! Enjoy!

So…the posts about relationships always seem to generate a lot of interest…so I thought I would close out the week with something I shared with a group of people I was talking with.

I told them that basically women are hard to understand. (Don’t fight it…it’s true!) :-) BUT…there are three questions that every woman is asking about herself that, if we as men understand, we can begin to get insight as to how to treat and serve her.

#1 - Am I Beautiful?

Women want to know that they are beautiful–period. AND…what is sad is that many of them have gone to great (and painful) extremes to feel this way…even if the feeling is only temperorary.

A hubands job is to CONSTANTLY try to make his wife feel beautiful. How do you know what makes her fee beautiful? ASK HER!

AND…a father should ALWAYS make it a regular practice to tell his daughter how beautiful she is. Dude, if you don’t…some young punk will come along who will…and NOT for the right reasons. I tell Charisse she’s beautiful so much that when the first little dude drops that line on her she’s going to look at him and say, “I know that…tell me something new!!!”

BTW…husbands…my wife helped me to understand this…your wife doesn’t want to feel “cute” or “pretty” or “ok,” she wants to you YOU THINK SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!

#2 - Am I Valuable?

I Peter 3:7 tells us as men that we are to treat our wives as a valuable, priceless treasure.

  • A man who sees his wife as valuable will always be mindful of the way he speaks to her and about her to others.
  • A man who sees his wife as valuable isn’t as obsessed with what he can get from her…but rather is obsessed with how he can serve her.
  • A man who sees his wife as valuable will spend more time with her on the couch than he does on the golf course!
  • A man who sees his wife as valuable ISN’T interested in telling her how beautiful she is ONLY when he perceives that he might be able to “get something” from her!
  • A man who sees his wife as valuable would NEVER HIT or YELL at her…EVER.
  • A man who sees his wife as valuable would see her as a necessary part of his life…not an inconvenience!

#3 - Am I Worth the Pursuit?

Many men do an awesome job of pursing a woman…UNTIL the wedding ceremony…and then it’s over!

And this is where romance begins to fade because, well, the woman just doesn’t feel like she’s being pursued anymore…that her prince is fighting for her heart and DEEPLY and PASSIONATELY cares about her.

Husbands should make it a regular practice of pursuing their wives…”romance” should not be a word only used on Valentines Day…or when you are “in the mood!”

She wants to know you love HER! AND…the best way to do that is to be willing to fight for her heart.

This may be painful for some. You may have neglected her for a long time…and there is much hurt and bitterness there.

BUT…if she knows you are willing to fight for her heart then she will more than likely allow you to pursue her again…and it IS your job to do this dude!

She needs to know that you would be willing to do ANYTHING to win her heart back…ANYTHING!

Our job/responsibility/honor as men is to make our wife feel beautiful, treat her like she is valuable and to fight like crazy for her heart. A woman who is well loved like this by her husband will be a blessing to her husband…ALWAYS!

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